Community Activities

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The Friends of St. Peter's Parks (formerly the Friends of Power Park) is an advisory group established by St. Peter the Great County Parish Council, Worcester. The aim of the group is to support the protection, maintenance and development of public parks, play areas and other open spaces within the parish, working with our Parish Warden, the Parish Council and Worcester City Council. We have four principal parks: Battenhall Park; Power Park; Grasshopper Park and Aldersley Park and undertake a range of enhancement activities, usually lasting a couple of hours on the first Thursday in every month. We welcome anyone with a positive interest in supporting our aims, just come along on the day! Friends of St Peters Parks is supported by Parish Community Engagement Officer provided by Worcester City Council and part funded by St Peters Parish Council.

This is an informal record of community activities

Clean for the Queen(3rd March 2016)

We had a very successful event for Clean for the Queen where we picked up 20 bags of litter from St Peters Parks! What a great effort and brilliant example to set for people who saw us picking litter. The local community who stopped to talk to us where very grateful for the Friends who came to help Clean for the Queen. With the success of this event some that came expressed an interest in picking litter regularly. I have set these dates for meeting to pick litter over the next year: 13th June, 8th August, 19th September, 31st October - all meeting at 10am at Tesco play park and all welcome.
Tracy Sutton (Community Engagement Officer)

Power Park Signs (10th October 2015)

We had a very successful event with the Worcester Explorer Scouts on the 10th October. I planned to install a new sign and try to remove an old sign that wed like to relocated to another entrance. The scouts got the new sign installed however the ground proved to hard to the removal of the old sign and dug out part way to help Alex and I who will be moving this sign soon.
Tracy Sutton (Community Engagement Officer)

Litter Pick (28th September 2015)

Just wanted to say a big thank you to those who turned out to support the community litter-pick on Monday 28th September 2015.
Alex (Parish Warden Team)