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A4440 Southern Link Road upgrade (Updates from Worcestershire County Council)

January 2018

Crookbarrow Way Road Closure for 7 days (24-31st May 2018) planned to coincide with a rail possession, to install a new bridge adjacent to the current Battenhall Bridge. Location of the planned road closure and diversion routes . High sided vehicles see Worcestershire County Highways web site for more information.

16th August 2017

Battenhall Railway Bridge: Our contractor will shortly be undertaking works to the Battenhall Railway Bridge and environs (midway between the Whittington and Norton roundabouts) as part of the Southern Link Road dualling scheme. The majority of work will be offline, however, some of the work requires lane restrictions or closures. A full road closure for the demolition of the farm accommodation bridge will be required during a weekend tbc in November and a further full road closure will be required for the installation of the new railway bridge during Whitsun week in May 2018. The closures will be for the shortest duration possible and alternative routes will be signposted. Motorists will be made aware of the closures in advance.

Summer 2017 Scheme Update (Phase 4)

7th April 2017

Current and future works: The current phase of work is scheduled for completion over the next two months. Once it has been completed there will be two lanes open to eastbound (uphill) traffic from the Ketch to Whittington - with a one lane section under the railway bridge - and two lanes for westbound (downhill) traffic from Whittington to the Ketch. The "free flow" lane linking Whittington Road and Crookbarrow Way via Whittington Roundabout will also be opened at that time replacing the previous "give way" arrangement. In the final configuration, the carriageway will flare out to three lanes just before the "downhill" approach to Norton Roundabout but only two lanes will be opened when the current phase is completed. Work will continue on site with "snagging", landscaping etc before work starts in earnest on preparation for the installation of the new railway bridge. The new railway bridge will be installed by the County Council's contractors during a five-day possession scheduled to start on the Spring Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May 2018. Work to dual the final section of carriageway (under the new railway bridge) is expected to begin once the bridge is in place and is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2019.

Partial safety barrier between Norton and Whittington roundabouts: As a result of the design, audit and review process, before the fully dualled road is opened to traffic, a 183m vehicle restraint barrier (including terminals) will be installed,which will extend 130m "downhill" from the centre of the railway bridge and 53m "uphill". A barrier which is appropriate for the current phase of the scheme has recently been installed which extends 53m (including terminals) either side of the centre of the railway bridge.

Dualling between Ketch and Powick roundabouts (inc Carrington Bridge): A Business Case has been submitted to the Department for Transport to request funding to complete the final phase of work dualling between the Ketch and Powick Roundabouts - and we expect a response over this Summer. Our aim is to have this section open by April 2021.

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