St Peter's is classed as a 'prospering suburb' in the 2001 census - it is a predominantly residential suburban parish on the southern edge of Worcester City, comprising approximately 4300 electors and 2600 households. St Peter's Parish Council comprises 9 councillors and it forms the first tier of local government for St Peter's residents; the second tier being Worcester City Council and the 3rd tier Worcestershire County Council.

Parish Register

Worcestershire County Council Parish Register shows the parish boundary on a map and also the status of records relating to the parish. The ancient parishes that relate to the modern civil parish of St Peters are listed under Worcester City.

History of the Formation of the Parish Council

A brief history of the Parish and formation of the parish council.

Boundary Commission Report recommending formation of a Parish Council for St Peters in Worcester.

St Peter the Great County Parish - Historical Notes

St Peter's church went back to at least 969 AD, the date of an Anglo-Saxon charter which describes the boundaries of the estate which probably was the origin of St Peter's parish and ultimately the small part of it which became St Peter the Great County Parish (CP). There are drawings and prints of the medieval church, which was demolished and replaced in 1838 by a brick church, itself demolished in 1976. The site and (buried) remains of the church are in the car park opposite the Commandery, formerly part of Royal Worcester and now part of the Berkeley Homes development site. The bells and some of the historic furnishings were deposited with Worcester City Museum when the church was demolished. Most of the ecclesiastical furnishing and charitable endowments were transferred to St Martin's church on London Road.

St Peter the Great County CP was originally the part of St Peter's parish outside the City of Worcester, though later boundary changes brought it into Worcester. St Peter the Less was the chapel of Worcester castle and was somewhere on what is now the Kings School site. St Peter the Great County Parish was established as a Civil Parish around 1993/1994.